Stay Safe on Casper Trails

Rails to Trails
Posted on 11/29/2016
The City of Casper is reminding residents to be prepared and exercise caution when using the paths and trails throughout Casper during winter weather.

The Parks Division plows paved pathways and trails Monday through Friday, from 4 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Trails and pathways are not plowed during the evenings or on weekends. Residents may still use pathways and trails when they are not plowed, but they should use caution and be aware of slick conditions, especially on pedestrian bridges.

Residents should also plan ahead for changing weather conditions when using trails and pathways to commute to work or school. “Often, we will wake up in the fall to beautiful weather and leave work during a snow storm,” stated Parks Superintendent Dan Coryell, “so commuters should plan ahead and be prepared.” Pathway users should dress warmly in layers and wear footwear with a good tread.

For more information on pathway plowing click here.