Platting/Re-platting Land

Platting or re-platting of land is done to create a new residential or commercial subdivision within the City or to change the number or configuration of current lots within a subdivision.  Lot line adjustments, such as buying a portion of a neighbor's lot, require a re-plat as well (Title 16 of the Casper Municipal Code).
A re-plat affecting no more than two lots can be approved administratively by the Community Development Director and the City Engineer and can be submitted as a Minor Boundary Adjustment (MBA) re-plat.
New plats or re-plats affecting three or more lots require approval of both the Planning and Zoning Commission and the City Council.
All plat or re-plat submittals must include 20 copies of the plat/re-plat (8 if administrative approval) plus a set of reductions, a completed application with original signature of the property owner, proof of ownership, and non-refundable application fee. Digital submission is also required, and must be in accordance with the City of Casper Standard Template (CoCST). The CoCST template was developed by the City of Casper Engineering, Community Development and IT/GIS Departments to provide the professional design community with a well-defined platform for digital data deliverables. The CoCST template files and accompanying technical memorandum can be obtained here.
For plats or re-plats requiring Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council approval, the submittal must be received at least 30 days prior to a scheduled Planning and Zoning Commission public hearing.  All property owners within a 300' radius will be notified by mail and invited to make comments on the proposed plat or re-plat. The subject property will be posted with a public notice and public notice will be published in the newspaper.  The Planning and Zoning Commission will conduct a public hearing and will approve or deny the request.  If the Planning and Zoning Commission approves the plat or re-plat, they will forward it to the Casper City Council.


Please contact the Planning Office for answers to any other questions relating to zoning or land use in the City of Casper.