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Street Tree Program

A Message from the Arborist

July 14, 2016

Street Tree Applicant and Potential Applicants:

I would like to thank you for your interest in the street tree program. The program has been going strong for 5 years now and we have collectively planted 326 trees all over the city. It has been our pleasure to work with each homeowner bringing trees to our urban forest.

With the storm damage we received in October of 2013 as well as the freezing event in November of 2014 I am happy to see that interest in tree planting has not waned. In fact, these two events are proof that we need to be ever mindful of what we plant and where.

As you are aware the City of Casper is experiencing some shortfalls in budgets this year. It has been hard to reach this decision, but we have decided to place the street tree program on hold for this year. We will hold all of the applications as they come in, and we will reactivate your application if and when the program is reauthorized.

As always, the city Parks Division will continue to make yard calls upon request. If you still want to get some trees planted in your yard or boulevard strip, we would be more than happy to provide advice on plant selection and placement.

I am sorry that we won’t be able to conduct the street tree program this year, but I am optimistic that we will be able to reinstate it in the future. Please feel free to call me at 307-235-8283 if you have any questions.

Jim Gerhart
City of Casper
Public Services Department

Trees are an important part of the landscape.  They are not only beautiful, they provide shade, clean the air, clean our water, and provide food and shelter for animals.  The Street Tree Program seeks to increase the number of trees that line Casper's streets. 

The program shares at 50% the initial cost of trees between the City and the property/ home owner.  The cost to property/ home owners is approximately $125 per tree.  The actual cost of the tree will vary depending on the species and actual cost of the tree.


Applications for the Street Tree Program are currently suspended.  We will let the public know when the street tree program is once again available.


Single-family residences may qualify for the program.  Trees that are planted in boulevards or public rights of way qualify as street trees.  The city may consider planting behind the curbwalk on private property adjacent to city rights of way with the granting of an approved, recorded landscape easement from the property owner to the city.  Trees regulated by ordinance for new subdivisions or site plans are not eligible for this program.
Property Owner's responsibilities
  • Attend a short tree care class
  • Keep the trees free from injury by equipment (weed trimmers, lawn mowers, cars, etc.)
  • Water after the first 6 months
  • Notify the public services department of any problems or unusual changes to the trees
City's responsibilities
  • Purchase the trees
  • Locate all utilities
  • Plant the tree(s)
  • Water and maintain the trees for the first 6 months
  • Remove staking materials within 12 months of planting
  • Add the trees to the City's tree inventory

The Process

Plantings will typically be scheduled once per year in the fall.  Interested property/ home owners will need to complete an application for the program.  All applications will be placed on a Street Tree Request List.  A site visit will start in June and will be conducted by the public services department.  The visit will determine the quantity, tree species, and placement of the tree(s).  Once the property/ home owner confirms the quantity, species and location, the tree will be purchased and the city's tree planting crew and or contractor will schedule and coordinate the planting(s).

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