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Drug Court

Drug Court Officers conduct their daily activities under the Support Services Division of the Casper Police Department. These officers work out of the Natrona County Drug Court office.


Drug Court is an alternative sentencing program that provides offenders counseling, frequent drug screens, random home, and employment visits along with intensive outpatient treatment. 292 clients have graduated from the program, since it began in January 2002. Natrona County Drug Court currently exceeds the national average for retention with a rate of 67-71%. The national recidivism rate 5 years from graduation is 12.6%.  In 2013, the Natrona County Drug Court had a recidivism rate of 4 %.


The average amount of time a client is in the program is 21.2 months, though it is set up to be an 18-month program. Several Clients will complete the program in the 18 months, but most take up to 30 months for completion. In addition, in the year of 2013, Natrona County Drug Court applied for and received a CARF accreditation, making them an accredited treatment program, which meets international standards.


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