The training and personnel division is a critical division in Casper Fire-EMS as it provides for the education and wellness of all firefighters within our organization. This division is responsible for hiring, promotional testing, and disciplinary action. Furthermore, this division ensures our members are healthy through programs and exams.
The training aspect of the division is the vehicle which allows our organization to reach its vision of providing service with skill. The skills firefighters possess are learned and must be constantly honed and updated. As our world evolves, so must the fire service. For every additional service our community asks of us, we must obtain new skill sets.
The goals of this division are to see our members:
  • Get all the knowledge they can in order to better serve the public.
  • Are educated and empowered to make the best decisions.
  • Have a long and healthy career.
  • Go home after every shift. 
This division strives to ask the difficult questions and make the impossible solutions, possible. Although the division is the responsibility of Captain Andrew Sundell, the real work is done by the firefighters who dedicate themselves to teaching so, “Everyone Goes Home”.

Training Captain
Andrew Sundell

200 North David

Casper, WY 82601