Stormwater Publications

Stormwater Brochures

At Home Vehicle Maintenance Guide on proper disposal of automotive fluids. 

Scoop the Poop  Information regarding pet waste and proper disposal. 

Septic System Maintenance  Guide to septic system care and maintenance. 

Water Harvesting  Guide on storing stormwater for garden uses. 

Wind, Rain, and Construction  Guide on protecting stormwater during construction projects. 

Recommended Tree Species  Guide on selecting trees for the Casper environment and planting the right tree in the right place 

Stormwater Public records

Additional records and annual reports can be requested by calling 307-235-8481.  Reasonable advance notice must be provided.

April 2005 Phase II NOTICE OF INTENT.pdf
2004 WQD WYPDES Municipal Separate Storm Water Sewer Systems MS4 Permit.pdf
Stormwater Management Program.pdf
Stormwater Management Program part 2.pdf​​

Stormwater Master Plan Final Report March 2013 Documents

Sections 1 and 2

Sections 3 and 4

Sections 5 & 6

Sections 7 & 8 
Appendix F part 1.pdf

Appendix F part 2.pdf


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