Engineering and Climatic Criteria

Climatic and Geographic Design Criteria

Minimum requirements for Casper, Wyoming, are as follows:
Ground and roof snow loads:  30# for all structures.   
Wind speeds: 1 & 2 Family Dwellings - equivalent basic wind speed table 93 mph fastest mile Vfm and 115 mph, 3 second gust V3s.
All other structures - 2015 IBC, Chapter 16, Section 1609 wind speed conversion tables and maps.
Seismic Design: Category "B" Latitude 42.85 Longitude -106.32 
Weathering:  severe 
Frost line depth:  3 feet to top of footing 
Termite: none to slight[sw15] [c16] 
Decay: none to slight 
Winter design temperature:  negative 10 degrees 
Ice shield:  no 
Air freezing index:  3,000 
Mean annual temperature:  44.5 degrees
Stormwater sizing:  3 inches of rainfall per hour
Programs for some foundation designs are available through the office

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