Traffic Signal Cabinet Wraps

Traffic Signal Cabinet Wraps

Keep Casper Beautiful is transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.  We have wrapped 27 traffic signal cabinets in Casper with original artwork from Natrona County artists.  The program started in 2016 and has been expanding ever since.  

The call to artists goes out each spring via the Casper Artist Guild's newsletter.  To sign up for calls visit


    Keep Casper Beautiful has four volunteer murals (two in the Beverly Street underpass and two in Riverview Park in North Casper).  Volunteer murals were a collaboration between Fort Atelier, Serve Wyoming and Keep Casper Beautiful.  The murals were done in honor of all those who have served.

    The "Fox Den" mural by Tony and Amy Elmore with Fort Atelier, LLC is located on the south western wall of the downtown parking garage (near the public restrooms) on Center Street.  The mural was designed in collaboration with Keep Casper Beautiful, the Downtown Development Authority, and stakeholders.  The mural committee wanted to communicate how the lines between urban and rural are blurred in Casper.  There is a little outside inside every part of Casper.

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