Residential Collection Rate

The City of Casper collects trash from residents weekly. The fee for residential trash collection is currently $24.00 per month for one trash receptacle and is charged on the monthly City of Casper Utility Bill. 

Do you have a large family and/or too much trash every week for only one trash can?  We can provide you with another one to use at a discount rate of $10 per month.  Call us at 307-235-8246 for the options available to you and for our current low cost alternative for additional trash receptacles.

Residential Penalty Fees

  1. Habitual Late Set Out- $22 per incident   
  2. Extremely Dense or Heavy Waste -$48 per 90 - 100 gallons, $144 per 300 Gallon, $192 per 400 gallon container
  3. Violation of bagging ordinance- $25, $50 or $100 per incident
  4. Violation of solid waste rules- $25, $50 or $100 per incident

Additional Residential Services

The following services are provided by the city for additional fees:

trash days  request service  extra collection  trash details