Wayfinding Plan

The Casper Area MPO is working with RDG Planning and Design to develop a Casper Area Wayfinding Plan for Casper area communities, corridors, and destinations.  The motivation for this plan is the desire of the Casper area to:

1.) Provide attractive and innovative wayfinding signage that meets the needs of residents and visitors of the Casper area;

2.) Establish a high quality transportation-related brand identity that is cohesive but also reflective of the individual municipalities in the Casper area;

3.) Promote and enhance key gateways and entrances into the individual municipalities in the Casper Area.

This plan will serve as a management, design, and construction guide for placement of transportation and recreation related signs and wayfinding assets.

Our Wayfinding team has been busy with preliminary sign designs!  Click the link below to give your input on the shape, color, and other graphic elements of the signs we may all be seeing around Casper in the future.

Click here to discover and comment on sign designs

Casper Area Wayfinding Plan RFP

Wayfinding RDG Professional Services Contract in draft form

Public Input Session Flyer