Police Chief Jim Wetzel


Vision Statement

The Casper Police Department strives to be Wyoming’s premiere public safety model for excellence in policing, partnerships, and professionalism.

Mission Statement

All members of the Casper Police Department are committed to providing high quality professional police services, accessible to all members of the community, to meet the challenges of reducing crime, creating a safer environment, and improving the quality of life in our community.  Members of the Casper Police Department believe in the dignity of all people and respect individual and constitutional rights in fulfilling this mission.

Core Values

In order to accomplish our Mission, we strive to exhibit the following Core Values:


We are committed to performing our work with the highest degree of honesty, integrity, and professionalism.

Human Dignity

We acknowledge the value of all people and carry out our duties with dignity, respect, and fairness to all.


We will strive to deliver exceptional service in an unbiased manner, equally and fairly enforcing the law we are sworn to uphold.


We believe that the police can only be successful in improving safety and the quality of life in the community of which we are all members when police and community members work collaboratively to address issues of mutual concern.


We are accountable to the public and ourselves for the quality of our service.  We strive for professionalism and proficiency in all facets of our work.  We seek to continually improve ourselves and those systems and programs in our organization and in the community where police can effect meaningful change for better outcomes.


We engage in continuous learning of different cultures, values, and people.  We promote mutual acceptance and inclusion of all.


We acknowledge that leadership knows no boundaries and is more comprehensive than rank or title.  We value the talents, creativity, and contributions of all our employees.
We subscribe to servant-leadership; servant first to the needs of others.