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Welcome to the wonderful world of dance! A variety of classes are offered for all ages and abilities to improve coordination, flexibility and self-confidence and promote a positive outlook of dance. Recitals are held at the end of Fall and Spring session and costumes are included in the registrations for most youth classes.

Pre-School Dance 

Pre School DanceHop, skip, plie, and turn - your preschooler will learn ballet and dance basics while working on coordination and flexibility and having fun with creative movement. Ballet shoes, tights and leotard required.

   Ballet classes

Students in Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Ballet classes will learn and perfect the basic foundations of ballet including positions, proper body form and classical technique. Class  includes footwork, barre, center and movement across the room. Ballet shoes, tights and leotard required for girls, black sweatpants and white t-shirt for boys.


clogging shoesIf you love to make noise and move to the music, come join the clogging classes! Students ages 7 through adult will learn, perfect and have fun with this American folk dance emphasizing the downbeat of the music with enthusiastic footwork. Dance to all types of music from the traditional bluegrass and country to contemporary and Broadway tunes. Clogging taps available for $17.


Cheerleading is one of the most energetic - not to mention loudest classes at the Casper Recreation Center! The stunts, jumps, chants and cheers are a healthy first step towards an active lifestyle learning teamwork, trust and cooperation.