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Improve your fitness level and self-confidence and learn self-defense tactics while receiving instruction in classical TaeKwon-Do under the requirements of US and International TaeKwon-Do Federations. This Korean form of karate for ages 8 and up (unless accompanied by an adult participating in the class) involves the skilled application of punches, kicks, blocks, and dodges with bare hands and feet. Sign up parents and child and receive 10% discount on both registrations!

Youth Gymnastics: Tot Tumbling

Your 4 - 5 year old will have fun learning basic tumbling moves and be introduced to the gymnastics equipment to improve coordination and flexibility. Students must wear loose fitting shorts, sweatpants or leotards. No jeans or tights. 


Youth Gymnastics: Beginning Gymnastics

Students ages 6 and up will learn balance, flexibility, coordination, and body awareness while working on tumbling, balance beam, vault and  uneven bars. Students must wear loose fitting shorts, sweatpants or leotards. No jeans or tights. 

Youth Gymnastics: Advanced Beginning

This class is for those children ages 6 and up who have gymnasticstaken Beginning Gymnastics and have the permission of instructors. Two instructors will work with different levels so all students will progress.  Students must wear loose fitting shorts, leggings or leotards. No jeans or shorts.  

sports skills camps

Basketball Skills CampGirls and boys ages 9-12 will learn or improve basic skills in Volleyball setBasketball or Volleyball. Basketball skills include dribbling, passing, shooting, and defense. Volleyball skills include passing, setting, serving, and hitting. These are great for youth athletes who are going to participate in school sports during the fall.