RFPs & Public Notices

Current Requests for Proposals

The following projects are bidding, pending award or have recently been awarded.  Additional City projects out for bid are located here: Construction Projects & Bidding.

Surveying and Engineering Services for City Surveying Equipment Upgrade for the City of Casper Public Services Department City Engineering Division  Steven Stolte  RFP - City Survey Equipment 4:00 PM MDT October 13, 2023  Bidding
Lease and Operation of the Casper Speedway Randy Norvelle RFP - Lease & Operation of Casper Speedway 4:00 PM MDT October 10, 2023 Bidding
Casper Area MPO Traffic Counts
 Renee Hardy  RFP Notice- Traffic Counts 4:00 PM MDT September 29, 2023   Bidding
 Proposals for Professional Laundry Services for the City of Casper Terry Cottenoir RFP - Professional Laundry Services  5:00 PM MST September 22, 2023  Closed

Public Notices

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 Public Hearing for Ordinance Amendment 307-235-7568  VIEW