Highland Cemetery maintains a decorations policy.  The policy is to make sure there is uniform beauty throughout the cemetery and to aid with maintenance.  The guidelines are part of the City of Casper Municipal Code.  Should you have any questions regarding the policy, please feel free to contact the cemetery office.
  • The City is not liable for lost, misplaced, or broken decorations or flower vases or for damage caused by weather, vandalism, or theft.
  • Fragile materials, tin cans, glass jars, ceramic figurines, pottery, or other temporary containers which do not conform to the surrounding area are prohibited.
  • Placing boxes, shells, cans, toys, ornaments, signs, plant hangers, poles or staffs, cards or other similar articles on any grave is not permitted without the permission of the City Manager or his designee.  Approved decorations of this nature are limited to 2 such items per grave space at any time and must be placed so as not to protrude beyond the width and length of approved memorial foundations.  Unapproved items, items that are unsightly or unkempt may be removed without notice to the owner.
  • No cement, gravel, stone, or brick paths, or artificial walks will be permitted.
  • Copper, brass, aluminum, cement, marble, fiberglass, redwood, or comparable material will be acceptable for planters and vases installed as part of the memorial stone.
  • Fences, copings, hedges, corner-posts, or other boundary markers are not allowed.
  • Potted plants will be allowed to remain as grave decorations as long as they remain in good appearance and they are placed on or near the headstone and do not obstruct general maintenance of the cemetery.
  • Cut flowers are allowed at all times, but must be in vases attached to the memorial stone and will be removed when they become unsightly.
  • The cemetery will not maintain private plantings and reserves the right to remove or modify these planting at any time.
  • Memorial Day Decorations-- all temporary decorations and artificial flowers assembled on grass or grave spaces will be picked up starting 2 weeks after Memorial Day.  These flowers and decorations will be stored for 2 weeks at the Cemetery Garage before being discarded.  Cemetery vases and cans sold by local florists and retailers will be allowed for this 2 week period only.
  • Christmas Wreaths--  Winter decorations, Christmas wreaths, and grave blankets placed on graves may be permitted to remain from December 1- March 1.

Click here to download the complete Highland Cemetery Rules and Regulations.


Q1. Can we plant live plants or flowers on or near the grave? 
Answer: Plantings are not allowed as they can make maintenance difficult.  Cut flowers may be placed in a vase attached to the memorial stone.
Q2. Who is responsible for monument upkeep? 
Answer: The owner of the grave space is responsible for any and all upkeep for memorials.  The city does not accept any responsibility for damaged, vandalized, or worn memorials.
Q3. Can we plant a tree or shrub in the cemetery? 
Answer: A tree can be planted in the cemetery if it is donated.
If you have any additional questions,
please contact the cemetery office at (307) 235-8317.
Office hours are 10 a.m.- 2 p.m. Monday - Friday.
*Except on all City-observed, legal holidays not including Memorial Day.