Everything that you see, and a lot that you can't see laying in the gutters or on the streets is carried into the storm drains by rain or melting snow. This water and all of the pollutants that it carries flows untreated, directly into our creeks and river. 

Storm Drain System 

A storm drain system is made up of... 
  • Street gutters which collect runoff 
  • Storm drain pipe which transports runoff 
  • Catch basins - inlets you see at street corners, low points of the sides of streets, or in parking lots
  • Detention/retention basins that hold stormwater 
  • Ditches and drainage ways that further transport water to our local creeks & the North Platte River 


Contact Information

Stormwater Maintenance:


Police Dispatch for Minor Spills:
Hazardous Material Spills
Call 911

don't clutter the gutter