Solid Waste Division


Casper Regional Landfill, Casper Regional Solid Waste Transfer Station, Refuse Collection, and Special Waste & Diversion

The Solid Waste Division services the disposal of trash needs of approximately 75,000 people residing in Natrona County and approximately 20,000 people residing in counties other than Natrona County.  The Casper Regional Landfill and Transfer Station  typically receive 350-400 tons per day of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW).  The refuse collection fleet consists of 16 trucks that operate regular routes 5 days a week and special collection activities on Saturday.  Refuse collection also includes the City's nine recycling depots and commercial recycling routes.  The Special Waste & Diversion section is responsible for the Special Waste & Diversion Facility, hazardous material assessments and disposal, compost yard operations, sharps disposal, emergency spill response and environmental monitoring of the landfill.


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